Чеченський військовополонений закликає всіх чеченців до Великого джихаду проти російської орди

The plane left Grozny on the 17th, on the 18th I arrived to Ukraine, to Mariupol, I arrived there and at the same I was detained. They don’t beat me at all, they didn’t beat me, they even didn’t touch me. What is the truth, they asked me, and i will tell what is the truth. Now you feed me more than we were brought. They gave just sausages, there was no more food. You have 4 removable magazines ,machine guns ,1 uniform, tactical vest. Do you think they give a chance to choose the weapon?No, they don’t . What I will do with 4 removable magazines? They said ” You will take away from the corpse, you will kill the Ukrainian and take it ” Are they sleeping? Let’s fight? They are more brave even than Chechens, they fight better than Russians and more experienced. They are more experienced and have more spirit Even more , Chechens who came here were shot by the Russians. I also get this information. You don’t even know your corpses. Do you think you are fighting here? No, you are not fighting here! They (Chechens) are here like meat. Russian are killing Chechens right here themselves. Do you think Ukrainians kill more? They (Russians) want to kill even more. Kadyrov Ramzan, I’m telling you the same thing firstly. You don’t have to kill people. Send your nephew or your son better. Why don’t you send your relatives let them fight. Do not ask other people ,they want to live. Russia did nothing to me, Russia did worse to me, did bad things. This is a very hard, bloody war. I just have seen corpses, the forest of Chechens, they are collected, burned and not even brought home. There is a big trouble here, better not come for Kadyrov, for what Putin says. If you ask the Chechens to do jihad, why you did not do it in Chechnya, when you fight with Russia, why you didn’t fight? Why did not do jihad at that time?Do you think jihad means to come to another place? Where is this jihad according to Sharia, according to the law, where is this ? There is no jihad here,we have to fight with Russia. Why didn’t you fight there before? Ukrainians helped us with Chechnya during the first and the second wars and what is it now? Are you going contra Ukrainians? Oh, Chechnya, Chechnya. You just don’t even think about where you’re going. Ready to go to hell. Don’t come here for this miserable money given to you. You will not obtain this money. You will be in hell. This 300 ths given to you per month, per 150 thousand, it’s not money, it’s better to live, think yourself.

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