Заява від Калини, заступника командира полку АЗОВ, станом на вечір 29.03.2022

We are asked: is it true that we were recommended to leave the city, did we really refuse it because we did not want to leave our injured and killed? I can answer in this way: what do you think the Ukrainian military should do? I emphasize, that we will continue to defend the city, every house, every street. We will do everything to save our injured and to bury our fallen warriors.

We hear that it is hopelessly fight – to fight the overwhelming forces in the ratio 1:10, without aviation and so on. Ask the city defenders, how they have been resisting during 33 days be faced with continuos aerial bombardment, with dozens of ballistic missiles fired at us, shelling from ships and ground artillery. With forces that are ten times superior to ours. We are asked about the possibility of unblocking. Remember Prince Svyatoslav, remember the achievement of Bolbochan and others, the determination and professionalism of commanders – this is the most appreciated thing during the war.

The enemy shows us pictures of the captured blocks in Mariupol. At the same time our defenders continue to kill the occupiers and destroy their equipment. I emphasize that the struggle for the city is going on. However I also remind about the humanitarian catastrophe and genocide against the local people, committed by the occupants. The world! Wake up at finally, every day of procrastination means the life of hundreds of civilians in Mariupol!

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