Звернення від заступника командира полку «Азов», друга Калини, із Маріуполя станом на вечір 22.03.2022

Yesterday the Azov Regiment combatants sent 1 enemy boat to the quite well-known direction, destroying it with its crew. 1 enemy operational-tactical UAV and 1 aircraft were destroyed by Azov and 36 combatants today. 2 tanks and enemy infantry were eliminated as well. Mariupol heavy fighting continues, Putin’s horde covers our land with their corpses, which are not going to be taken away, there are firing squads behind the infantry storming the city. It is even difficult to imagine in the 21st century, Putinism at its best. The enemy, being unable to overcome the defense of Mariupol, drops heavy bombs on the city, destroys buildings, kills people with tanks, irons ships, artillery … The day before, the enemy fired on buses with children who had been evacuated from Mariupol to Zaporizhia. Russian monsters brazenly, ruthlessly and demonstratively destroy the population of our country. They plague civilians with cold and starve. How are you sleeping now, world? When the inhabitants of the peaceful seaside town cannot close their eyes due to the constant bombing. Did you eat a delicious steak today? Let me ask, what was the year of your wine production? At the time when the city residents have nothing to eat or drink. You are probably very worried and concerned about the situation in Mariupol. But these are not your citizens, so no reason to be in hurry. I emphasize if we – Ukrainians – do not survive, you will be faced with the same situation tomorrow. We see the calls of our people throughout the country and beyond to save Mariupol. And we are grateful to you, because the boys are fighting for you, Ukrainians, for the children, for the parents, for the future. We are fighting beyond our power in inhumane conditions. And we will fight for our people until we have enough strength. Mariupol is Ukraine !

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